Racial bias at OSU and Miami? One study says there is

OSU and Miami the focus of study that shows bias

CLEVELAND - A new study released from a conservative think tank shows racial bias against white people in the admissions processes at Ohio State University and Miami University.

The study, done by the Center for Equal Opportunity, shows that OSU admitted African American students with lower ACT scores over white students by a ratio of eight-to-one.

"They look at your skin color and what country your ancestors came from in deciding who gets in and who doesn't get in. And it makes a bid difference," said Roger Clegg, president of the Center for Equal Opportunity.

OSU changed it's admissions practices in 2003 after a Supreme Court ruling on a case in Michigan.

"The Supreme Court ruling enables you to use race as one of the criteria, you just can't use it as the sole deciding factor," said Dolan Evanovich, VP of OSU Strategic Enrollment.

The university says its current admissions are based on individual achievement, not on a numbers game.

At Miami University, the study shows even worse numbers. An admittance rate of ten-to-one for African American students over white students with similar ACT scores.

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