North Royalton City Schools, teachers' union agree to new contract; Move delays school levy need

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio - The North Royalton Board of Education reached a contract agreement with teachers that will delay asking taxpayers for more money.

The school board approved the three-year contract with an extension for a four year with the North Royalton Education Association. This agreement runs from Aug. 1 to July 31, 2017.

According to the school district, teachers will not receive a salary increase the first year of the contract. There will be a .5 percent increase the second year, and 1 percent increases in the third and fourth years. The teachers will also pay 15 percent of their health insurance costs by the end of the agreement.

"Even with more than $3 million in state cuts, we now look to be able to extend the life of that levy until 2016—that is four additional years," said treasurer Richard McIntosh, in a news release on Monday. "This agreement will have a significant, positive financial effect on the district.  Our five-year forecast will now reflect a savings of approximately $3.2 million because of these health care coverage concessions."

The North Royalton City School District passed an operating levy, which was to last three years, in 2009.

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