New assessments coming to Ohio schools next year

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio - Students in the Independence Local School District are among thousands statewide who have been testing the new online state assessments that will replace the state achievement tests next year.

"I actually thought it was really cool," sixth-grader Molly Dougherty said.

The "Next Generation of Assessments" require students to be critical thinkers in line with more rigorous learning standards adopted in 2010.

"Approximately 40 percent of high school graduates who attend public colleges and universities in Ohio have to take at least one remedial course," Ohio Department of Education spokesman John Charlton said. "So they're graduating high school with a diploma but don't have the skills they need t be able to take the most basic course in college."

WEB EXTRA: John Charlton of the Ohio Dept. of Education discusses the new state learning standards and why the state felt it needed to raise the bar. Watch the video interview above.

The current state achievement tests are given once each year.  However, the new assessments are a series of multiple tests in each subject given twice a year.

It's estimated each subject will require nine hours of testing time per student per year.

"The advantage is students have multiple opportunities to be assessed throughout the year instead of that one shot," Roger Howard, Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Independence Local Schools said. "The disadvantage is it is instructional time taken away from the classroom and that's a concern of our teachers."

Molly Dougherty likes the new test better than the current one.  But even she would like to see all state testing go away.

"People get stressed over it," she said.

More information about the "Next Generation of Assessments" and practice tests can be found HERE .


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