FrogTape to the rescue: Local companies and Food Network stars help Benjamin Franklin Elementary

CLEVELAND - The students of Benjamin Franklin Elementary school knew it was coming but they weren't prepared for what they saw when the blindfolds came off at the great unveiling of their cafeteria makeover.

Tom Bury, known by Food Networks "Restaurant Impossible" host Robert Irvine as "My builder Tom," and  HGTV designer Taniya Nayak came to Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Benjamin Franklin at the request the Avon, Ohio-based Shur Tech Brands: makers of FrogTape and Duck Tape; to do a makeover of the schools ancient and drab basement cafeteria.

Weeks ahead of the three-day MLK weekend makeover the designs took shape using the wants and wishes of those closest to the lunchroom,the students,

Screams and squeals by students and staff were the all the recognition that was needed by those responsible for the makeover.

Bold blues and yellows now cover the once-drab and worn-out walls. Graphic murals of stripes and chevrons  cover large swaths of walls and wrap around the structural columns of the basement cafeteria. Forks and knives are now stenciled on the fluorescent overhead lights and boards for news and events will keep the students in touch with their ever-changing world.

The biggest hit of the makeover are the three tables built around the the structural poles right in the center of the room. These were a hindrance and now they are the focal points and gathering places for each lunch along with  nine clocks in a grouping  letting the students know where they are in the worlds time zones.

Over thirty volunteers from Shur Tech and Highland Heights painting company Curb Appeal as well as parents put in three days of scrapping painting and building to bring this transformation to the grand unveiling on Tuesday Morning.

Shur Tech took care of all of the $10,000 cost and chose Benjamin Franklin Elementary school after a review of ten schools selected by the CMSD.

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