Common Core testing starts this year in Ohio

CLEVELAND - Students heading back to school in more than 40 states, including Ohio, face rigorous testing this year anchored to the Common Core standards that set the bar for what students should know each year in English Language Arts and Math.

"It's a much more rigorous exam than what students are used to, but at the end of the day students are going to be well prepared and better prepared for moving on to that next step," Karen Thompson, Deputy Chief of Curriculum and Instruction at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, said.

According to the Ohio Department of Education , nearly 40 percent of the state's high school graduates are not prepared for college level work. It's hoped that the new learning standards will improve those numbers.

End of course exams will replace the Ohio Graduation Test. Students will also take performance-based exams in Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.  All the testing is online this year.

"The new assessments really require students to think and think very critically," Cleveland teacher Julie Gielow said.

Efforts are underway in Columbus to repeal the Common Core standards. However, they remain part of the lesson plan for this school year in Ohio.

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