CMSD attendance officers go door-to-door to combat absenteeism

200 freshmen have at least 20 absences

CLEVELAND - It may be spring break for Cleveland schools this week, but attendance officers are hard at work.

For the second day in a row, parents of ninth graders who have missed 20 or more days of class got a knock on the door from attendance and safety officers.  The purpose wasn't to punish anyone, but to build positive relationships with parents and try to help their kids succeed.

"If you miss more than eleven days of school that starts to increase the likelihood that you will fail," CMSD Safety and Security Chief Lester Fultz said. "We want to make sure our kids don't fail."

Fultz said one student has missed 82 days so far this school year, which not only affects academics but safety.

"Kids who are in the street without direction, without supervision, find trouble or trouble finds them," Fultz said.  "So if we can get them in school we can certainly educate them but we can work to keep them safer."

Fultz is planning another attendance campaign for the fall.

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