Cleveland Metropolitan School District recommends 45 teachers be let go for bad performance

CLEVELAND - The president of the Cleveland Teacher’s Union is not happy about the number of educators that may be let go from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District as of June 1.

A total of 68 notices were sent out between May 2 and May 5 notifying non-tenured teachers that their contracts may not be renewed. State law requires that the Board of Education let teachers know by June 1.

Some of those teachers will be given a chance to improve, but 45 will be let go.

“What’s new is the sheer volume that the district is non re-appointing,” said David Quolke, president of the teacher’s union. “Our members felt blindsided when they were informed last week that they would not be re-appointed. When our members feel blindsided, I feel blindsided,” Quolke continued.

Gordon said the administrators who may go are mostly classroom teachers, but the list also includes guidance counselors, library media specialist and a psychologist.

The total number of people represents 2.4 percent of a workforce comprised of 2,826 people. “We have lots of people doing great stuff and we need to develop that,” Gordon said. “We also have a few people for whatever reason won’t get the job done for our children."

Teachers can appeal the decision made by their principal and Quolke said he looks forward to them having their chance to speak up  beginning next week.

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