Cleveland Hts. High School principal put on leave for inducing panic during safety video recording

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - UPDATE: CHUH spokesperson Angee Shaker says the principal announced there was not a real safety concern but many did not hear that part of the announcement. 

A Cleveland Heights High School principal was placed on paid administrative leave April 3 after failing to announce the recording of a safety video was a drill.

Principal Johnetta Wiley made an announcement over the school's PA system before school started April 2 that a shooter was currently in the building. Spokesperson Angee Shaker said that Wiley announced that it was a drill before he said that there was a shooter in the school, but that not everyone heard it.

However, this was just a drill. There was no shooter in the building.

The school was recording a safety video about how to handle emergency situations within the building. 

Students and staff in the building at the time panicked and became distressed. 

Cleveland Heights Schools Superintendent Nylajean McDaniel said the principal was put on paid administrative leave for one day following the incident.

The school says all high school families were notified of the incident.

The school also added, "Everyone involved is committed to avoiding any such miscommunication in the future."

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