Changes coming to Ohio teacher evaluations

CLEVELAND - Ohio will begin a new system of grading teachers when school resumes in the fall.

In addition to having evaluations based on observations by their supervisors, fourth through eighth grade math and reading teachers will be judged by how well their students are achieving on state tests.

The plan is getting a chilly reception from some teachers.  Cleveland Teachers Union officer Mary Ann Fredrick said if a student has a bad day and does poorly on the test, it will reflect poorly on the teacher.

"We have teachers that were excellent teachers," she said. "They were evaluated excellent, the highest rating they could get by their principals and their administrators and their supervisors, and they find their value-added rating makes them ineffective and I think that just throws a knife into your heart."

At Lakewood Park Monday, reaction among parents was mixed.

"If you're going to keep paying them and putting in as much as we do and pass levies and things, you want to be able to get out what you're putting into it," said parent Jackie Loomis. "You want to be able to see those results. The downside is not every student learns the same way."

"It all depends on the kids," said parent Zuleika Torres. "I don't think that the teachers should get like any blame at all on how the kids do at school."

The Ohio Department of Education said it has no plans to publish the teachers' grades on its website. However, the evaluations are public information should a news organization choose to report them.

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