Bulletproof materials that protect police officers now available as shields for teachers, students

CLEVELAND - School should be a safe haven for children and teachers. But sometimes it's become a dangerous place.

Gun violence in schools is occurring in cities big and small, and there's no warning or advance notice.

Impact Armor, which specializes in bulletproof products, has created a full line of bulletproof school safety products for schools, and the products are made in Cleveland.

For years, its products have provided protection for police officers and soldiers. Now, they can offer protection for teachers and students, too.

"Our equipment has provided protection for police officers on the street," said Rob Slattery of Impact Armor. "We believe this product can help save lives in schools, too."

Awarded the highest rating by the National Institute of Justice, the products can stop a bullet fired from a 9mm to a .44 mag round at point-blank range.

Impact Armor's new school safety line includes a bulletproof desktop calendar, whiteboard and backpack insert that can stop a bullet at point-blank range. Products come in standard sizes or can be custom made.

The new line of bulletproof school safety products are based on composite materials backed by years of testing. Impact Armor designs and builds its own products and even creates custom products that range from tactical shields, briefcases and modular wall systems.

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