Student experiencing summertime brain fog? 5 tips to shake the back-to-school cobwebs

CLEVELAND - It's not too late to clear the brain fog. In fact, what kids do now can increase their focus and productivity in the first days of school.

Kenston Middle School guidance counselor Annette Andreano offers five tips for dusting off the cobwebs starting with organizing a quiet place kids can call their own.

"They take ownership of this area. 'This is where I'm going to do my homework. This is where I'm going to study.' They can decorate it.. They know everything is ready," Andreano said.

Andreano also said to begin discussions now about the importance of class participation, organization and time management. Also talk about any bad experiences from last year.

Number three -- get back on a schedule early.

Four -- stir up knowledge by discussing summer reading books with your child.

And finally she says play online academic review games. You can find them at, and

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