Scripps Foundation donates to Salvation Army for money to help families with back to school expenses

Now that school bells are about to ring, families need help buying essentials like backpacks and clothing. 
Alicia Mathis has four children in her family, and she's counting on shoe vouchers and backpacks full of school supplies to make ends meet. She told NewsChannel5 the supplies list is extensive. If she can get some help with that, she'll have money to spend on clothing and other necessities. 
The Elyria Salvation Army passes out backpacks and shoes vouchers every year, but a few weeks ago, it was pretty clear there wouldn't be enough to go around... 
Salvation Army's Major Bob Sears says the organization was low on money a month ago and faced turning kids away for the first time ever. 
It's in the news a lot. Donations are down. The need is up. So when NewsChannel5 learned of the shortage, the Scripps Foundation, from our parent company, stepped in with a $500 donation.
And the Salvation Army went shopping.  
Major Sears says, "You let us know, we ran to Walmart , picked up some stuff and jammed these bags and finished this morning. And we thank you." 
And with help from the generous people of Northeast Ohio, more kids will start the school year with everything they need.
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