Save money on school sports equipment and clothing just in time for back to school

On Your Side Advice to help your family save money

CLEVELAND - Back to school for many students and their families also means back to sports. There are so many things student-athletes need to play and play well so, we’re On Your Side with ways you can save money on sports equipment.

"This is the World Cup ball… just in a different color,” said Mac Stewart from Shaker heights. He was at Dick’s Sporting Goods with his mom, Hallie Stewart. He plays lacrosse, hockey and soccer and he’s not the only child in the house. "It's one of those things where we have three kids and everyone needs something constantly," Hallie told us.

At Dick's, we found a ton of things on 50-75 percent off.  They are clothes that you can easily wear in the gym anytime or outside for early fall.  You can save money by clipping Dick's coupons, opening up a new credit card account with Dick’s, signing up for Scorecard rewards - where you earn points and discount  or taking advantage of Dick's Community Youth Sports Partners program.

"We'll work with the coaches and administrators of your league,” said Dick’s Community Marketing Manager Ben Shank. “We're able to set you up with a discount day here in the store. We have coupons that coaches can hand out to the players," Shank explained.

Whether it's a team effort or individual play, one way to save the day with your wallet is to buy great, used sport equipment.

Play It Again Sports puts a spin on savings for you. They buy your good-condition equipment and you can catch a deal, too. "You can get more for you money here because they have a good price range of what you're looking for," said Darlene Carr.  She was checking out cleats at $8.99. 

We found practice football jerseys for kids at $7.99.  There was 20 percent off accessories, football pads at $19.99 that are normally $40+ elsewhere.  We saw lacrosse clearance bargains with 40-50 percent off. 
That’s an option for Mac and his mom.  Remember, Mac likes lacrosse and mom likes finding deals.  "(I do that by) talking to other moms, and looking online, and…looking at the deals on the news,” Hallie laughed.

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