Moving tips for college-bound students

CLEVELAND - Moving service

U-Pack Moving
ReloCube (moving trailer) delivered to customer's door
 - Customer loads and unloads everything
 - Company does the driving and delivers it to requested location
 - ReloCube fits inside standard size parking spot
 - Cost based on number of ReloCubes you use
 - One cube is most common for students moving to college

Student Discounts

Xpress Movers
10% off coupon code: ST10SEP
  - Good on any student move (minimum of $120)
  - Student ID required
10 free boxes coupon code: STBOSEP
  - Small or medium boxes only; delivered day of move
  - Good on any student move (minimum of $160)
  - Student ID required

Penske Truck Rentals
20% off truck rentals for students
  - 10% reduction if reservation booked online
Free unlimited miles on one-way truck rentals

Greyhound Package Xpress (GPX) college shipping discounts
40% off shipping for students who are members of Student Advantage
  - Student Advantage membership is $20 plus shipping and handling with promo code: GRY48L9001
Non-members can get 15% off with student ID or admission papers Early Bird Special
Save $25 on your order with promo code: ERLYBRD

Promotional Contest Ride to School Like a Rockstar Contest
Arrive to campus on move-in day in a limo

Get quotes for moving, storage and auto transports

Moving Suggestions

Crash Course in College Moving – Lehigh Valley Style
Sort it out
  - Organize all belongings, decide what stays at home and what is going to college before doing any packing
Scope your space
  - Check for items you will need ahead of time (desk fan, since air conditioners will likely be nonexistent)
Get services in order
  - Make sure cable, internet and phone are set up before moving in
  - Make the least amount of trips as possible by packing in smaller, softer items (hand and beach bags and backpacks) then place these items in larger containers or boxes)
Be resourceful
  - Use old newspapers, plastic grocery bags, dish towels and old t-shirts to save on the cost of packing supplies
Resist shopping right away
  - Wait until you move in with your roommate(s) to do an itemized shopping list and then split the costs
Make it a family affair
  - Enlist the help of family and friends to move furniture and heavy boxes, but reward helpers with food afterward
Watch the thermometer
  - Move and unpack items that do not fare well in the heat first (candles, aerosol sprays and electronics)
Ask for discounts
  - Many grocery stores, restaurants and moving companies offer student discounts. Show your ID and just ask.
Decorate last
  - Set-up larger items (beds, couches and TV stands) before focusing on smaller decorative elements
Develop a plan
  - Draw up a floor plan of your dorm or apartment before moving since space is often limited. This will help determine what you need to bring and what can stay at home.

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