High school students in Lorain head back to 'new' old school

From Southview to Admiral King back to Southview

LORAIN, OHIO - Lorain hasn't built a new high school since 1969. Which aging building to send high school students to has been a yo-yo act for several years as students have been moved across town twice. But this year students are heading back to a spruced up school while plans are being made to build a brand new high school.

Lorain High School eleventh grader Mason Colon got a look at his "new," old school and he likes what he sees.

"It looks nice in there," Colon said.

The old Southview High School, now the home of the Lorain High Titans, has been waxed, repaired and spruced up.

"Freshman year we started out at the old Admiral King High School and that was a new experience, so now it seems like freshman year all over again," Mason said.

So why will many juniors and seniors feel like freshman?

Three years ago Southview was combined with Admiral King. But Admiral King was closed last year and the students are moving back to Southview this school year.

Besides smelling clean and fresh, leaky roofs have been fixed, there's new carpet in the auditorium, and new paint plus Southview which is now Lorain High is a cool building.

"Admiral King, I taught over there and it got brutally hot especially on the west side of that building in the afternoons, but all of the academic wings at Southview are air conditioned," said Lorain City Schools Superintendent Tom Tucker.

Senior Shavasia Matthews can see Admiral King from her house.

"I have to drive seven miles all the way over here. It's alright with me because Southview students had to come all the way over here and there's several students whose houses are in the perimeter of Southview and they had to come all the way over to Admiral King so it's our turn now," Matthews said.

Admiral King High School will be torn down and a brand new high school with a campus-like atmosphere will be built for 2,000 students.

Groundbreaking is tentatively planned for October.

Colon and Matthews will be well into their college careers when the new high school opens but they're proud to be a Lorain High Titan in a building that recently got some TLC.

"I think it looks phenomenal. The floors are beautifully waxed, there's no brown spots from leaking ceilings. It looks wonderful," Matthews said.

Lorain High School students in tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade go back to class Tuesday, August 28.

Freshmen return to school the day before and will attend the new middle school.

In the future, freshmen will attend the new high school.

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