Akron Children's Hospital pediatrician talks about back-to-school health issues

Sleep, anxiety, immunizations, exams are concerns

AKRON, Ohio - As part of newsnet5.com's comprehensive back-to-school news coverage, we talked at length with Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrician Dr. Cooper White regarding a variety of student health and welfare issues.

Dr. White is the Director of Akron Children's Hospital Locust Pediatric Care Group and has practiced pediatric medicine since 1981.

He suggests parents begin preparing children to resume schooling several weeks in advance, offering suggestions on how to make the transition from summer vacation back to the classroom as easy as possible.

He specifically addressed issues like sleep schedules, anxiety, immunizations and physical exams. Click on the posted video segments to hear Dr. White's recommendations.

Other sources of medical information for returning students include: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The American Academy of Pediatrics.

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