Eastlake resident uses home surveillance to record noisy vehicles

Resident wants Eastlake Police to issue tickets

EASTLAKE, Ohio - Eastlake resident Doug Patrick is tired of dealing with noisy vehicles that roar past his home. In fact, Patrick is so fed up he's recording the offenders.

"The noise from these motorcycles, cars, and trucks is so loud, it shakes the floors in my house," said Patrick.  "I have been showing recordings of these vehicles to police because I want the offenders to be issued tickets."

Patrick has been using his home surveillance system to record the loud vehicles for the past year and reports other residents in his neighborhood are also fed up with all noise.

"Many of these vehicles have exhaust systems that have been altered, or are in need of repair," said Patrick.  "If these drivers would stop quick accelerations, this wouldn't be such a big issue."

newsnet5.com contacted the Eastlake Police Department and Mayor Dennis Morley, who both outlined Eastlake's current noise ordinance.

"We don't use a decibel meter to measure noise, but we are especially enforcing our law after 11 p.m. and before 7 a.m.," said Morley. "We hope residents can work things out among themselves, before contacting police."

Morley explained police have to witness and hear the loud vehicles before they can issue a ticket. 

In most cases, if the excessive noise is coming from a bad muffler, the driver will first be issued a warning.

"We do want residents to report noise issues to us," said Morley. "We don't want these problems to escalated between drivers or neighbors."

Morley added recordings of violators must also include license plates numbers to be an effective reporting tool.

In most cases, and in most municipalities, the first offense is a $100 fine.

Multiple offenses, or if the violator is caught speeding, could add up to hundreds of dollars in fines.


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