Defense attorney John Parker describes work involved in trial

CLEVELAND - Anthony Sowell's defense attorney, John Parker, has admitted there is a lot of work to do in preparation for the trial.

More than a year after the initial discovery of 11 bodies at Sowell's Imperial Avenue home, the defense team received more than 227,000 clips of surveillance video, which was taken from the security cameras at Ray's Sausage.

Parker said the team has hired consultants to research their client, searched for Sowell's school records and combed through the videos to find something in their favor.

"We're working very hard. We're talking to a lot of people," Parker said, during one of the pretrial hearings where a motion was granted. Parker also said that some people did not want to speak with the defense because of the high-profile nature of the case.

Parker was involved in a lot of questioning in the jury selection process and kicked off the defense's arguments during opening statements.

"There are no eye-witnesses, there are no fingerprints, there is no DNA linking Mr. Sowell to any of the victims," Parker said. Parker also said that the crime scene, including the backyard, was mishandled by police.

"You will find Mr. Sowell not guilty of aggravated murder… Do not draw any hasty conclusions," Parker said.

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