Victims share their pain as Anthony Sowell is sentenced to die

Few forgive Sowell for brutal murders

CLEVELAND - Anthony Sowell remained motionless for nearly three hours, his eyes closed during his sentencing hearing in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Sowell never looked at Judge Dick Ambrose or the family members of the 11 women he killed.

Sowell was sentenced to die shortly after Judge Ambrose spent more than an hour outlining the terrible details of the case.

Victim's family members also had the chance to give their statements during the hearing, directing their emotional comments to Sowell, who showed no reaction.

Donnita Carmichael had strong words for the serial killer. Her mother Tonya Carmichael was killed by Sowell during the series of murders.

"No, I will never forgive you," said Carmichael. "The way you sat here through these court proceedings without an ounce or remorse."

Sowell's death sentence will automatically be appealed. The defense will also file a second appeal based on statements given to the media by jurors in the case.

"You're going to hell for your actions and the torture you endure will be greater than the pain and anguish you put on my mother and these other women," said Carmichael. "Anthony, you are an animal and hell awaits your arrival."

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