Councilman Zack Reed Goes To Jail

CLEVELAND - Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed went to jail on Sunday.

Reed was ordered to report to the Cleveland House of Corrections in Highland Hills or face the consequences, NewsChannel5 reported.

He will serve a 10-day sentence for his second drunken driving conviction in two years.

Police arrested Reed in November after finding him passed out drunk in his car.

He also must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a week until December, and he will have to take random drug tests twice a month.

Reed will lose his license for a year, but will get to drive for his job. His car will have a yellow drunken driver license plate.

Reed said he has been given a second chance and will use it warn others about drunken driving.

"I was blessed not to have killed anyone. I was blessed not to have harmed myself. Now I have to take that blessing and talk about that to other individuals," Reed said.

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