Could skinny jeans causing health problems? Study links them to blood clots, digestive issues

We all love to look good in the latest fashions, but could some of them actually be hurting our bodies?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal said some of our clothes are too tight, too high, and may be too hard on our health.

Experts said skinny jeans with too tight of a pant leg can pinch a sensitive nerve in your upper thigh.

One study said skinny jeans have been linked to digestive problems, even blood clots in the legs from all the restriction.

Body slimmers and waist-cinching belts can also be a serious health hazard. If they're worn too tightly, the compression can cause nerve problems and stomachaches.

High heels also make the warning list, as they can increase your risk for bunions, numbness and even fractures.

Have skinny jeans ever caused health problems for you? Chime in via the comment box below.

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