Calls to 211 for help up in northeast Ohio following Hurricane Sandy

CLEVELAND - The United Way said calls to 211 are up after this week's storm with Hurricane Sandy.

Calls nearly doubled on Monday.

"211 is really the community's first call for help," said Bill Kitson, president of United Way of Greater Cleveland. "In a situation like this it is a place where people can call to find out where the warming stations are or if a shelter is open in your community, even if you need emergency food."

If you would like to help, the Red Cross said it is in urgent need of blood in the region. "The storm has actually affected our blood collections. We've had to cancel 325 blood drives," said Christy Sabaka of the Red Cross.

Cash donations are also being accepted. Volunteers are also needed. The Red Cross also opened 4 emergency shelters in Cuyahoga County. More information is on its website .

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