'Beauty bracket' at New York high school outrages students

Students at a top New York high school launched a March Madness bracket challenge like no other.

Forget basketball teams -- guys took to twitter to rank girls at Shaker High School -- by their looks.

"I was disgusted by it!" said Kara Crodelle, one of the girls listed in the bracket challenge.

Guys behind the twitter account @shsbracketology selected four girls from each grade to compete against each other for a week, writing "may the best girl win."

But almost immediately, current and former students at shaker high went on the offensive, tweeting messages like "Are you kidding me? Bullying for fun?" and "Can you be decent human beings and not do this?"

The principal turned to cops for guidance, but within 24 hours, after backlash from students, the twitter account was dead.

"I wasn't happy or proud to happy about it. It didn't make me feel good," Crodelle said. "I would be walking down the halls and there were these groups of guys clapping at me. I thought they were better than this. I was embarrassed."

Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig says boys will be boys.

"It's not so shocking, this is how boys think, this is how men think!" Ludwig said. "When girls are in high school, they judge themselves by their peers, they want to be considered beautiful, they want to be considered attractive, and if they're not, it can influence their self esteem and self concept."

"From the guys point of view, they thought it was funny, but they don't understand how it makes us feel," Crodelle said.