Ranking 200 jobs: Mathematician, professor top the list; lumberjack, reporter, military at bottom

A lot of factors determine whether a job is a good one or bad one. There's the pay, the amount of stress, whether there are any openings and a host of others.

For the last 26 years, Career Cast has ranked 200 of the country's jobs as a way to track which positions are growing and which are dying.

At the top of this year's list? Mathematician, a job that rakes in an average of $101,360 and has, according to CareerCast.com , relatively low stress.

Tenured university professor (almost no stress, average pay of $68,970) and statistician (moderate stress, average pay of $75,560) rounded out the top three.

And the worst ? That "honor" goes to lumberjacks (and they're okay ), who work a difficult, sometimes dangerous job for an average of $24,340 a year.

Though less dangerous, newspaper reporters came in second worst because of the low pay ($37,090 a year) and the shrinking prospects for work (a 13 percent drop by 2022).

Considering the inherent danger, the stress and the measly $28,840 a year in average pay, the only surprise, perhaps, is that enlisted military personnel didn't rank lower on the list than 3rd worst.

Where does your job rank? Check out the links or scroll through this infographic:



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