Watch your favorite TV shows when you want for less by using alternatives to satellite TV and DVR

CLEVELAND - Digital video recorders save you time, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows when you want, but they can also cost a lot of money every month.

There are some DVR alternatives that will save you a lot of cash and still deliver the programming you want to see.

Fred Von Graf says, "We had Dish, we had a couple of channels we were interested in and because of that we had to get these packages as you know, and that package ended up being $90 a month."

Ninety-dollars a month for satellite service and a DVR is more than a $1,000 a year. So Fred found a much cheaper solution.

He says, "We opted to use Hulu Plus because it allows for quicker access to the shows, it has longer archiving, and it was only $7.99 a month."
Several websites offer TV and movies over the Internet, some for free, others much cheaper compared to satellite or cable.

Fred also used Netflix for an even wider selection of shows and movies.

With the new Netflix pricing, it costs $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming and another $7.99 a month to have DVD's delivered to your home.
The selection includes popular TV series, but you'll have to wait until after the season ends to see every episode.

You'll also need high speed internet access, but you can watch everything on your TV.

Most DVR services have a search function to help you find your favorite shows. After Fred ditched his, he found a service called Boxee to organize and find all of his favorite free content.

Fred says, "So it takes things off the internet that says these are things that are free that are available and it organizes them for you."

Boxee is free. You can send videos directly to Boxee, so when you want to watch it, it's all there.

Fred saved more than $60 a month getting rid of his satellite and DVR service.

And when it comes to content, Fred says, "We can now access things through the internet like international shows, the BBC, other shows we didn't realize we wanted to see."

Fred says his family can watch all of the stuff they use to and more for a lot less.

In addition to Hulu Plus and Netflix, Amazon recently added its own service and there are more popping up all over the web. Don't forget local channels are free and in HD. A digital antenna for your TV will cost you as little as $11.

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