Watch out for hidden hotel charges called 'resort fees' inside those blockbuster room rates

CLEVELAND - These days, we all scour travel websites for the best deals going. But now, we have a new reason to carefully check out the fine print in those deals. It's called a "resort fee."

When it comes to travel deals, who doesn't love a stay in an amazing hotel for an incredible price? How about lounging in a rocking resort for a few days? If so, keep an eye out for those hidden "resort fees" before you book.

Travel experts are writing about the latest trends nickeling and diming consumers. Here's an example of a traveler who booked through Expedia and was staying in Las Vegas at the Mirage. The traveler was charged $74 but later discovered an additional $25 per night "resort fee."

What did the traveler get for the resort fee? In-room Wi-Fi and the use of the pool and facilities. That resort fee did not cover the $12 bag of trail mix or a $5 bottle of water in the room's mini-bar. Hotels are starting to "unbundle" services just like the airlines.

Is there anything you can do to avoid these hidden fees? Travel experts say stay in hotels that don't have them or factor them into the overall cost. If you are getting a reduced room rate, you may still be getting a deal once you factor in this new fee.

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