Valu King the newest Cleveland-area player in grocery store wars; crowned savings winner

CLEVELAND - Deciding where to shop depends on how you shop. Do you want to bag your own groceries? Or clip coupons? Saving money is a game of tradeoffs. And you may be trading in your local favorite for a new player in the northeast Ohio grocery store wars.

Welcome to Valu King. The store promises discount low prices every time you shop. The grocer also claims you'll pay less for fresh produce and meat cut fresh on site everyday.

"We don't run weekly specials. And we don't play the high-low game, so this is an everyday low price. This is our everyday price on bananas 28 cents a pound," said Valu King's Senior Vice President John Tedesco. "We found that's cheaper than any other store by 43 percent.

The store keeps prices low by cutting expenses, especially labor. You bag your own groceries and the food displays are basic. We checked out some of the in store prices for you. Valu King sells coffee for $6.77. Aunt Jemima waffles are 99 cents everyday. Imported Romano cheese is $5.49 per pound everyday.

This week's Valu King sales ad offers boneless chicken breast for $1.77 per pound, blueberries $1.49 a pint and Sunny D orange drink $1.00 for 48 ounces.

Shoppers we talked with love the pricing and they were surprised when we told them who owns this new low-cost grocery store. You may be, too.

We'll share the secret and other deals with you tonight on NewsChannel 5 at 11. And click on the extra video in the player above (under the video tab on our mobile apps) for an exclusive tour inside Valu King's Brooklyn location.

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