Why these new west side Cleveland townhouse owners dealt with water service delays

Confusion over outstanding balance to blame

CLEVELAND - The Waverly Station Townhouses on Cleveland's west side have been under construction since 2012, but the project developer reports some of the units were left without working water service, just days before they were scheduled to be occupied.

Michael DeCesare told NewsChannel5 he filed all the proper water permits for the 23 unit complex back in 2012 and 2013, so he was stunned to learn not all the water service was hooked up on time.

"It was quite a drama," explained DeCesare. "You've got so many things to do to get these homes ready for somebody to move in, and the very final thing you need to do is get all your city inspections, and when we had no water service it prevented us from getting these inspections."

DeCesare claims he tried to work with the Cleveland Division of Water in the weeks leading up to move-in day for owners at three of the units, but he reported he got little response.

"We thought we were moving forward, and a week goes by, and two weeks go by," said Decesare. "We get to crunch time, which is the third week and a couple days before the homes were set to transfer, and we still don't have anything happening."

Decesare reports delays in water hook-ups jeopardized thousand of dollars and multiple real estate transactions.

DeCesare decided to call Ward 15 Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone, and the NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter Unit the search for quick solution.

"We ended up turning to NewsChannel5 and Joe Pagonakis, and then we reached out for Ward 15 Councilman Matt Zone, explained Decesare. "We contacted both of them, and they seemed to have a little more success in getting the ball rolling."

Decesare reports water department crew were on the scene within 48 hours to make all the necessary connections, and townhome owners were then allowed to move-in without major delays.

The Cleveland Division of Water responded immediately, and told NewsChannel5 the delays were caused by confusion over an outstanding balance owed by complex.

A water department spokesman explained communication issues about money owed are to blame, but that both sides are now on the right track.

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