Travel insurance can have coverage restrictions

Beware of insurance coverage restrictions

TWINSBURG, Ohio - Eveth and Jerry Noland of Twinsburg were excited when they booked an Alaskan cruise, but when they had to cancel the trip, they discovered their trip insurance wasn't all they expected.

Jerry Noland is winning his battle against cancer, but he knew that battle could force him to cancel the cruise of a lifetime. 

"We bought insurance and they assured us, if you can't go, you'll get your money back," said Nolan.

The Noland's put $2,600 down on three Alaskan cruise tickets through Royal Caribbean International back in November of 2013. Eveth Noland explained she also paid more than $400 for trip insurance through the cruise line.

"Because I was adamant about having protection in case something happened," said Noland. "And she said, 'You don't have to worry if you take out the vacation protection plan,' and I said, 'Great.'"

But trouble started when the trip had to be canceled and the Noland's requested a refund through their travel insurance policy. The coverage called for a flight credit of more than $1,900, and not a cash refund — something the Noland's claim was never explained by Royal Caribbean when they purchased the travel insurance.

"There was no mention of a credit for anything," said Eveth Noland. "The reason she said the coverage would be good for it, is if we had to cancel, we would be refunded."

The fine print on the insurance coverage contract does call for a flight credit, and not a cash refund, but the Nolands believe they were misled when they were buying the coverage.

NewsChannel5 contacted Royal Caribbean International in an effort to get further explanation on its travel insurance sales protocol.

NewsChannel5 and will give you the cruise line's response as soon as it become available.

Meanwhile Jerry Noland issued a stern warning when buying travel insurance of any kind.

"I'd say ask everything you can possibly think of," said Noland. "If a credit doesn't come to mind, have them run down through a list and tell you what they will do for you and what they won't do for you."

Consumers need to ask plenty of questions and carefully review the trip insurance policy before booking a trip and buying travel insurance.

The Noland's told NewsChannel5  they learned an important lesson the hard way.

"It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, because you don't want to deal with those people ever again, you really don't," said Jerry Noland. "It's not right. That's not how I ran my business."

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