Trashed North Olmsted condo has neighbors dealing with odor and rodents

Fannie Mae in the process of buying condo

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio - Patty Lewis has been forced to move out of her North Olmsted condominium of 20 years. Rodents, trash and a heavy odor coming from the unit next door have now made it impossible for her to live at her home.

The trashed unit has been foreclosed and vacant for two years, and is now being bought by Fannie Mae. However,  multiple residents at the Hyde Park Condominiums report they've had no luck in getting the mess cleaned up.

"I'm living out of a laundry basket on a friend's blow-up bed right now, with my two cats in a bedroom," said Lewis. "It's very tough, I have none of my belongings, my unit is full of mice."

Lewis told NewsChannel5 Renner Management has tried to get the unit cleaned, but letters to Fannie Mae have produced no results.

"I do feel like a victim, everyone tells us 'our hands are tied, there's nothing we can do,'" said Lewis. "I've heard that phrase over and over again, until I want to scream "

Hyde Park residents Donna Hubbell contacted the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center in the search for answers.

"There is cat urine all over the house, and the scent travels from condo to condo," explained Hubbell. "This needs to get done now, not three months from now, not a year from now. That they will take care of this and get money out of Fannie Mae "

NewsChannel5 contacted Renner Management and Fannie Mae about this case, and both responded immediately. 

Fannie Mae agreed to investigate and find a solution. Renner Management pledged to have the condo cleaned within the next 48 hours, and send the bill to Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae issued the following statement:

"The property is in the confirmation stage of the foreclosure process, which is one of the last legal steps in a foreclosure.  Until the sale is confirmed by the Court, we are not the owner.  Typically we are limited in what we can do at a property until the sale is confirmed.  In this instance we've asked the real estate agent to visit the property with an exterminator to see if there's anything that can be done to address the issues you describe.  Once the confirmation process is complete we will have the property fully cleaned out and begin the process of getting the condo on the market."

NewsChannel5 will follow up on this developing story.

Residents dealing with nuisance foreclosed or vacant properties in their neighborhoods can report them to city hall, contact their city or county health department, or even report the problem to their municipal building department.

The city building department can issue citations and fines to the property owner for code violations.

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