South Euclid family seeks additional compensation after multiple flight delays

Family lost 29 hours due to multiple delays

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio - Elizabeth Roberts of South Euclid explained how her trip to Costa Rica in March was ruined after a series of flight delays held her family in limbo for 29 hours.

Roberts told NewsChannel5 US Airways jets experienced mechanical problems on the runway on both the trip out to Costa Rica and on the trip back to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

"It was beyond frustrating," explained Roberts. "The emotional aspect just catapulted the entire experience. You know right off the bat in Cleveland we had mechanical problems. We knew we weren't going top catch our connecting flight, so right away my kids looked at me and said 'are we even going to get to go on vacation.'"

Roberts said during the attempt to leave Costa Rica on March 29, computers at the airport failed, delaying her departure even further.

"We thought we were going to get on another plane and still get back into the states at some point on that Saturday night," said Roberts. "I think once we got into the airport and there was nobody from the airline around, we kind of figured this is not good and we are probably not getting home anytime soon."

Roberts told NewsChannel5 she contacted US Airways for a partial refund as compensation for all the delays. 

"After all this, we asked for a partial refund and they said 'we do not give refunds ever,'" explained Roberts. "They said we can give you each a $150 voucher, and these were on $1,000 tickets. So we paid $4,000 for a service that we didn't even come close to getting."

NewsChannel5 contacted US Airways about this case and the airline vowed to look into the case immediately.

We'll continue to follow-up on this developing story.

5 On Your Side advice: Consumers need to pay careful attention and compare the flight delay policy, the refund policy and cancelation policy among multiple air carriers before buying expensive flights.

Roberts is warning other customers that price isn't the only consideration when booking flight outside the United States. Consumers should pay careful attention to airline reviews online.

"After reading the reviews, it's not even worth it, even if it's less money,' said Roberts. "I would rather go with airline 'C' and 'D' that have a better track record, that have a lot less complaints, and pay the extra $400."

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