Some Parma Redbox customers are illegally using handicap parking spots

Violators could be issued a $250 ticket

PARMA, Ohio - Redbox movie rental kiosks can be seen in front a wide variety of businesses in northeast Ohio, including the CVS Pharmacy location in Parma. 

According to CVS customer Mia Roth, what also can be seen is people violating the law -- illegally parking in handicapped parking spots while picking up and dropping off movies at the Redbox.

It's a problem that made Roth so irritated, she sent pictures of violators to the 5 On Your Side Troubleshooter Unit hoping changes would be made.

"They assume that they can just sit in a handicapped spot for a minute or two, and it's a sense of entitlement. They're just lazy," said Roth. "There are 70 other parking spots here for them to get their movies. It's not fair to handicapped people at all."

Issues with Redbox customers illegally using handicapped parking have made headlines in other U.S. cities in Texas and Colorado.

Roth actually confronted one woman who was dropping off movies at the Redbox and clearly did not have a handicapped placard posted on her vehicle.

"She pulled in her van and I said, 'you do realize that's handicap parking. There are plenty of other spots,' and she said, 'I don't care. Nobody cares,'" explained Roth.

Parma police spokesman Det. Marty Compton told NewsChannel5 his department takes violation of handicapped parking laws very seriously. Drivers caught parking illegally will be issued at $250 fine and that fine will be doubled if it isn't paid within 30 days.

5 On Your Side took a camera to the Parma CVS, and within 5 minutes we caught consumers in the act, illegally parking in handicap parking to pick up or return Redbox movies

NewsChannel5 contacted CVS Headquarters to see if there was a way the Redbox at the Parma location could be moved away from the handicap parking spots.

CVS responded hours later and issued the following statement; "Thank you for making us aware of this issue as we have not received any complaints. We have contacted Redbox and will work with them to move their kiosk away from the handicap spaces as soon as possible. "

Customers like Roth are hoping CVS will make the change.

"Please move the box. People are doing this because they are down right lazy," urged Roth. "Do it for your handicapped customers."

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