Sheffield Lake woman duped by internet weight loss supplement offer

Signed up for free trial, but was charged hundreds

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio - Debbie Reising of Sheffield Lake was hoping a free trial offer for some weight loss supplements would help her lose a few pounds. Instead the only thing she lost was hundreds out of her bank account.

Reising found the offer for the supplements Garcina Cambogia and Cleanse Fx on her Facebook page. The offer boasted two free bottles, which meant she was only responsible for $4.95 for the shipping and handling.

But when Reising was sent her monthly credit card statement she found hundreds in charges posted to her account.

"The site says you get a free bottle, a free bottle and you just have to pay for the shipping," explained Reising. "I got the bottles and they charged me for the shipping. They said I had zero balance, but then on my statement I ended up with close to $200 taken out of my bank account."

Reising told NewsChannel5 she was then surprised to learn that she also signed up for a monthly re-order of the supplements.

"Then the next month I got another set, which I didn't know I was going to get, which was misleading," said Reising. "They charged me another $200, so it's now up to $400."

Reising called the supplement company, but it referred her to the fine print posted with the online offer that revealed the full price of the weight loss pills.

The fine print also included information that explained  to consumers it was their responsibility to cancel the offer, otherwise additional orders would automatically be sent to their address.

It's a situation that left Debbie's husband, Joe Reising, extremely upset.

"That's the first thing they say, 'Oh you didn't read the fine print,' but that's not right," said Joe Reising. "How many people read the fine print? You take the first thing you read and you go with that."

Debbie continued to call the company, and eventually was issued a partial refund.

NewsChannel5 urges consumers to file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General  if they believe they are the victim of a deceptive offer.

If enough complaints are filed against a company, the Ohio Attorney General may file a lawsuit for a violation of the Consumer Sales Practices Act .

Reising warns consumers to read all fine print and links associated with any online offer.

Meanwhile, she didn't give her $400 weight loss supplements very high marks.

"Nothing, I got no result. I'm still hungry, which they said it was going to curb my appetite," said Reising. "This one was supposed to help me with my colon, and it didn't do a thing. I'm sorry but it didn't do anything, no help here."


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