Shaker Heights family waits for refund after driveway sealcoating job caused issues

Weather conditions key to driveway sealcoating

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio - Every year Mike and Jennifer Zavoda put money and time into maintaining the asphalt driveway at their Shaker Heights home.

The couple understands the importance of an annual inspection, crack-filling, and if needed, sealcoating the driveway to keep the elements from attacking the surface.

The Zavodas' hired American Asphalt Sealcoating out of Chesterland to seal their driveway on Sept. 6, 2012, but report the results left them with some problems.

The Zavodas' showed NewsChannel5 how the sealcoating job left their white garage service door, an outdoor pot and a basement window covered with black sealcoating spatter marks.

"I was upset, first of all, I was disappointed that they hadn't told me that they had damaged the door," explained Jennifer Zavoda. "I felt that we could have cleaned it and remedied the situation immediately, and instead they chose to let us deal with it."

Zavoda explained the company finally came back to their home on Oct. 12, 2012 to try and clean their service door, but the company was unsuccessful.

Zavoda also showed 5 On Your Side how the sealcoating would easily soil their hands and shoes if the family played basketball or worked in their driveway.

Zavoda reports it rained just 12 hours after the sealcoating was completed, and may be a contributing factor to the on-going problems.

Zavoda told Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis the company promised a $259 refund in Oct. 2012, and promised to reseal their driveway in the spring of 2013.

But the Zavodas' claim the company has given them nothing but promises and excuses.

"The accountant wasn't there that day, the owner was in Florida, I mean you name it, the person is always not there, just not there and not able to issue us a check," said Zavoda "Although the company was able to take my payment over the phone, so I find that ironic."

NewsChannel5 contacted America Asphalt Sealcoating in Chesterland, and the company responded immediately.

The company apologized for delays in processing a refund, and agreed a check would be issued, and the Zavodas' driveway resealed next week.

Consumers need to pay close attention to the weather forecast before giving the "green light" to a driveway sealcoating job.

Temperatures should stay between 65 and 90 degrees for at least 24 hours, with no rain in the forecast. Curing time for sealcoating may take even longer if the work is performed in early spring or Sept. or Oct.

"Probably in hindsight, I would look at the forecast a little more seriously, and make sure there was no rain within 24 hours after application," said Zavoda. "I think that contributed towards this and they should have known better than to put down the sealant, and then have it rain the next morning, or later that night."

More sealcoating advice can be found on this website .

NewsChannel5 will continue to follow-up on this case.

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