RTA prepares for more riders to Browns, Indians and Gladiators games Saturday

RTA adds 50 additional staff members

CLEVELAND - The RTA is urging Cleveland sports fans to take the rapid or a bus into downtown if they're going to one of three major sports event being held Saturday, August 23.

The Browns, Indians and Gladiators are all hosting home games that start between 7 and 8 p.m., and that has Cleveland expecting 100,000 sports fans coming into the city at the same time.

RTA Marketing Supervisor Pat Kearney told NewsChannel5 those who have never taken the rapid or bus to a downtown sporting event shouldn't be apprehensive.

Kearney believes the rapid, at $5 per round trip ticket and free parking, is an excellent value that may actually save fans some time compared to driving in their own personal vehicle.

"They probably spend an hour driving around trying to find a parking place, so technically this could be the quicker way to go. You can just go to the rapid and get on, and we will be providing extra service," explained Kearney.

Kearney added, first time riders should not be concerned about safety.

"We do have a lot of camera's on our vehicles, at our parking lots and at our stations," said Kearney.

"There are emergency telephones. I'm sure we'll have increased transit police out on the street. So I don't think people should fear anything, other than the usual, being in a crowded urban environment."

Bill Kotchkoski has taken RTA to several Indians games and believes it's the way to go on Saturday.

"Well you're not going to go through traffic, you're going to have free parking," said Kotchkoski. "You don't have to worry about being stopped by the police on the way back, so why not take the RTA."

RTA transportation will continue one hour after the last game ends. Sib Mallik, who's taken RTA to many sporting events, explained getting home is not an issue.

"Watch the game, enjoy the game, go for a beer of two and then go back," said Mallik. "Life is good."

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