Painesville neighborhood told it couldn't get cable or internet service

New condo neighborhood thought to be unserviceable

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - Heather Harris and her family were extremely excited to move into a brand new condo In The Greens subdivision in Painesville.

However over the past five weeks, Harris is still left wondering if her family will ever be able to establish cable or internet service at their unit.

"I've been tears, he's been in tears," said Harris "My husband and I have argued over stupid things, just because of this big issue."

Harris told NewsChannel5 she's contacted Time Warner Cable several times, but each time she's given a different story.

"I'm told they do not have extensions to give out, that it's not their problem," explained Harris. Because these condo's are so small, they probably won't service it."

Harris has become increasingly concerned there was a major mistake made when the condo's were built. Harris claims at one point Time Warner told her the entire complex was unserviceable, and customer service told her the subdivision wasn't even in the service providers system.

"I'm sorry it's not in our system, I don't understand that,' said Harris. "They're not explaining the process to me, what do you mean about getting it into your system? What do you mean, why do your have to get it into your system to run a cable line here?."

Other residents like Midge Scamahorn told NewsChannel5 they tried to establish cable and internet service with AT&T, but were given the same conflicting messages.

"I call every day, and they just said it's with the engineering department," said Scamahorn

"It's the wrong box assigned to it, they can't figure it out. They can't hook it up because they have it assigned to the box way down the street. The box is a mile away, down on Bacon Road. You can't run cable that far no."

NewsChannel5 contacted the complex developer and Time Warner Cable about this issue, and both responded immediately.

The developer reports a communication issue with the service providers caused a long delay.

Time Warner Cable apologized for the confusion, and had crews working on the hook-up problem in a matter of hours.

NewsChannel5 has been told all residents at The Greens will now have access to cable and internet service by July 11.

Consumers should ask for a customer service supervisor when dealing with any utility issue, or visit the customer service office in person  to obtain fast and better service.

NewsChannel5 and will continue to follow-up on this developing story.

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