Olmsted Falls family waits nearly two years for headstone to be completed

Headstone engraving was not completed

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio - Nick Mersinas of Olmsted Falls really misses his grandmother Rose Capretta.

When Capretta passed away in July of 2012, much of her funeral arraignments were prepaid, including her headstone.

However, Mersinas and other family members are upset. His grandmother's headstone still isn't finished 22 months later.

Mersinas had some strong words for the headstone company. 

"Do what we paid for, show my grandmother some closure. It's disrespectful," said Mersinas.

"I don't know what more to say. When people come up to visit my grandmother they call us all the time and ask, 'Why isn't the stone finished? It's been two years now.'"

Family member Diane Capretta told NewsChannel5 the family has made numerous calls to the headstone company, and has been given nothing but excuses and broken promises.

"The whole thing is not done yet. We just feel like it's an unfinished thing in her memory, and it's a small thing to ask for what was paid for. Several calls have been unreturned. We don't get any satisfaction," said Capretta.

"Please consider how a decision not to respond to a families concerns like this affects them. It's been very upsetting to my sister-in-law and to all of us really. We just want it resolved and move on."

NewsChannel5 contacted the headstone company, and it responded immediately. We won't name the company in this story, because it explained all the delays were caused by an engraver who was subcontracted to take care of dozens of headstones, and never completed the work.

The engraver has since been fired and replaced, and the company promised to complete Rose Carpretta's headstone within the next five business days.

In response to our story, Milano Monuments has offered the family free engraving on the headstone if the company in question doesn't live up to its promise.

NewsChannel5 will follow up on this developing case.

Consumers who prepay for funeral arraignments should get all details in writing on the contract, including a specific time frame for completion of the headstone.

Consumers should also have coverage in the contract that will protect them if the company goes out of business years down the line.

More advice on prepaid funeral arraignments posted on this website .

Meanwhile, the family believes Rose Capretta wouldn't be too happy with all the delays in completing her headstone.

"If you knew my grandmother, she'd be upset," said Mersinas. "A little old Italian lady, she'd be really upset."

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