Ohio Election Results: Cuyahoga County ballots may not all be counted until well past 2 a.m

Complex ballot partly to blame

CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Director Jane Platten believes it will take until well past 2 a.m. Wednesday before all of the counties 1,077 precincts can be counted.

Platten blamed the relatively complex four-page ballot for the slower than expected tabulation process.

Earlier in the evening, Platten forecasted that it actually may take until 3 a.m. to count some 650,000 ballots, but later told NewsChannel5 that her team improved it's efficiency.

Platten explained each polling place must conduct a mini audit, with poll workers counting signatures in each polling book to make sure everything is accurate.

Platten forecasts voter turnout will be slightly lower than the 2008 Presidential election, which had approximately 672,000 voters cast their ballots in Cuyahoga County.

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