No one claims responsibility for potholes at Beachwood, Warrensville Heights, Highland Hills border

Driver said potholes damaged his vehicle

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - Michael DiFranco of Beachwood is calling it the intersection nobody wants.

The intersection of Richmond Road and Harvard Road is where the borders of Beachwood, Warrensville Heights and the Village of Highland Hills all meet. It's an intersection that's filled with potholes.

DiFranco claims those potholes caused one of his brand new tires to go flat and damaged a front rim on his car. He told NewsChannel5 one of the holes was so deep, the impact could be heard while he was on his cell phone.

"I was on the phone with my mom on Bluetooth, and she heard it, and she thought I got into a car accident,"  DiFranco said. "It's ridiculous that we are this far out. It's the first day of summer and it hasn't been taken care of."

He showed 5 On Your Side his repair receipt. It cost him $186 to replace his damage tire.

DiFranco claims he tried to file a damage report, but after making several calls to the cities that border the intersection, he was left with few answers.

"To keep getting directed to one city and having them tell you to talk to another city, and then having them tell you to talk to ODOT, and then just everyone is just kind of pushing it off. It's kind of frustrating," DiFranco said. "It got to the point where I almost wanted to fill the hole myself."

Finally, DiFranco contacted the NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter Unit and we contacted the Ohio Department of Transportation District 12 office.

ODOT responded immediately, and told NewsChannel5 it was aware of the confusing intersection and it would send a street crew out in a matter of hours to take care of the potholes.

"We'll actually send a crew out to patch that hole today," said ODOT Spokeswoman Jocelynn Clemings.

"Long term we do have a construction project that is going to take care of the base pavement, and the pavement that's cracking and falling apart. But today we're going to put a temporary fix on that, and we'll do something long term in the future."

Clemings told NewsChannel5 the pothole that damaged DiFranco's car is actually the responsibility of the Village of Highland Hills. DiFranco is now in the process of filing a damage claim with that city.

ODOT invites motorists to report potholes or bad roadways through its website , or by calling the district office. ODOT is also willing to give motorist information on who is responsible for roadways within District 12 and how to file a damage claim.

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