Mentor couple waits months for title to brand-new van, temporary tags will soon expire

Mich. van dealership changed owners

MENTOR, Ohio - Diane and Karl Mews purchased a new Chrysler van, hoping they could use it to rescue dogs with the Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue.

Unfortunately, the couple is concerned they won't be able to drive the van at all - the title to the van is missing and the last set of temporary tags are set to expire on Nov. 2.

"Why wasn't the memorandum just delivered when they delivered the vehicle?" said Karl Mews. "They have the paperwork for it. They should have just given it to the gentleman who drove it up to us here, and hand it over to the other dealer. That's all we asked."

The couple reports the van was delivered to northeast Ohio by Crestwood Chrysler in Garden City Michigan back on Aug. 19. Weeks later Crestwood reportedly sold its dealership to Suburban Chrysler, which has so far been unable to produce the manufacturer's statement of origin on the on the $36,000 van.

Diane Mews told NewsChannel5 she had made several phone calls to the dealers involved but so far has heard nothing but excuses.

"It was a dealer to dealer trade with a dealership up in Michigan which has since been sold, and that Michigan didn't require memorandums of title," explained Mews. "It's a different story pretty much every time I call."

NewsChannel5 contacted Suburban Chrysler in Michigan about this issue, but so far the dealership has decline to issue a statement, only telling 5 On Your Side this matter is between the buyer and the dealerships involved.

NewsChannel5 has learned a courier is now on the road from Michigan to deliver the need paperwork.

The couple has now been told it is free to use "dealer plates" until the manufacturer's statement of origin can be processed.

Consumers should report issues with taking delivery of new vehicles from and an out-of-state dealership to the Ohio Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

"We were told Michigan uses one system for processing the titles on new vehicles, and Ohio uses another," said Diane Mews. "Be careful if you're buying a new car that's being delivered from a dealership in another state."

"I am happy I get to keep the car on the road, if I do in fact get a dealer plate. But I'm still not 1000 percent sure, because then to me it's just another excuse for them to just keep waiting and throw me by the wayside."

Information concerning vehicle titles and registrations can be found on the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

NewsChannel5 and will continue to follow up on this developing story.

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