Medina man alarmed by misunderstanding over home security service fee

Claimed security company wanted to charge $160 fee

MEDINA, Ohio - Jason Shoemaker and his family recently moved into a new Medina home, and one the first things on his list was to reactivate the home security system.

Shoemaker signed a four-year deal with a home security company, but was stunned when he was issued an unexpected $160 service charge.

"I get to work and I get this bill saying hey you owe us for a service charge that wasn't in the contract, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, to be honest with you," said Shoemaker.

Shoemaker told NewsChannel5 the service charge was generated when he ordered the security company to install an additional motion sensor in his home, and then days later canceled the work order.

Shoemaker contacted his sales representative about the service fee, but reports the company refused to remove the charges.

"He just said basically I canceled that work order, and that they have to make money somehow, and that they wanted me to pay this service charge,' said Shoemaker.

"My complaint was I gave you a week, week and a half notice, and I didn't need the work done, why didn't you tell me then that I owed that money?"

NewsChannel5 contacted the security company about this case, it responded quickly and explained Shoemaker was never issued a service fee.

A company sales representative told NewsChannel5 the whole thing was a misunderstanding, that he explained there would be no service charge in a phone call with Shoemaker on Feb. 21.

Because of this misunderstanding, we will not name the company involved in this case.

Still, Shoemaker is urging consumers to specifically ask about cancelation fees before they sign any service contract.

"If it's going to be in the contract it's got to be there up front," explained Shoemaker. "If you're signing something, make sure before you sign that dotted line that they tell you every single fee."

"If you cancel an additional work order item, make sure that they say that because you canceled that this going to be a new charge that's going into that contract."

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