Macedonia landscaping job produces nothing but weed woes

Contractor refused to follow up after an argument

MACEDONIA, Ohio - Corrine Dawe is suffering from a severe spinal injury, and is now using a walker to get around.

It's an injury that's now preventing her from doing any summer work in her yard, so she hired EZ Snow Removal and Landscaping to help her with her weed filled flower beds.

Dawe told NewsChannel5 she paid the company $600 up front for the job.

"He went and looked over the yard, he told me that he can do the job to pull all these weeds, they were so severely high," said Dawe. "The contractor also guaranteed his work."

The company pulled all the weeds, and added mulch and weed preventer; however just a few weeks later the weeds returned by the dozens.

Dawe explained how she called the company numerous times to get them to follow up on the job, but claims the contractor hung up on her after an argument erupted during a phone call.

"That's so rude for somebody who is a landscaper. He's supposed to come back and take care of the customer," said Dawe. "You know I believe that the customer is always right."

"And then on top of that, he never sent an invoice, and we even gave him extra money for gas. So, it's very hurtful, and I told my husband about it."

Dawe admits she never had a contract drafted for the job, and was never given a receipt after issuing all the money in advance.

Robert Dawe was out of town when the landscaping job took place, and claims the contractor made several mistakes at his home.

"He didn't have permission to pull them out, he didn't come ask anybody, he just ripped out $80 worth of flowers," said Dawe.

NewsChannel5 called the contractor and he responded immediately. The contractor claims he didn't return to follow up on the job because Robert Dawe repeatedly yelled at him, and used intimidation tactics.

After a short conversation, the contractor agreed to go back to the house and clean up the weed-filled flower beds at no extra charge.

Consumers should always obtain a written contract for any landscaping job, always get a receipt when making a payment, and never give all the funds to a contractor up front.

NewsChannel5 and will follow up on this developing story.

Robert Dawe is hoping the contractor will live up to his promise.

"Clean-up is part of your job. There are fingerprints all over my house; I want it fixed." said Dawe. "There's still weeds coming up in my front, I want it fixed."

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