Lyndhurst woman deals with gas outages, Dominion East Ohio considers compensation

Water in gas lines continues to douse gas pilots

LYNDHURST, Ohio - It's already been a rough heating season for Vanessa Nichols of Lyndhurst.

Her gas service has been interrupted twice in the past seven weeks, even though Dominion East Ohio installed a new gas line on her property back on Oct. 22.

The gas company determined water in the main gas line caused the pilots in her furnace, and her hot water tank to be extinguished. However Dominion East Ohio repair crews are still trying to determine the source of the water.

Meanwhile, Nichols explained how she went 10 days without heat and gas service, and spent more than $400 on repairs crews, who had to come to her house to clear the lines, and re-light her gas appliances.

"They found more water in my gas line," said Nichols. "They sucked out more than a gallon of water, even the gas company service people told me I should request a reimbursement."

But when Nichols filed a claim for repairs with Dominion East Ohio in November, she was denied, and told the company is only responsible for pilots during an emergency.

"They sent a letter saying they do not guarantee the gas flow to the house, and I thought how utterly ridiculous," said Nichols. "If you're paying for a service, it should come with a guarantee."

NewsChannel5 contacted Dominion East Ohio corporate offices about this case, and the company responded immediately.

Company spokesman Neil DurbIn confirmed a new gas line was installed on Nichols' property free of charge, and that reimbursements for water issues in gas lines are handled by the company claims department.

DurbIn explained Dominion East Ohio will only respond to gas appliance pilot issues on gas odor complaints, and in cases where there is an emergency.

DurbIn agreed to re-evaluate Mrs. Nichols' claim.

"We continue to monitor the neighborhood, we have been back since, on a couple of other water complaints," said DurbIn. "We are trying to pinpoint the source of the water. Reimbursement will be determined by our claims department, and it would depend on what the source of the water was."

"I will submit it, but I can't guarantee it will generate a favorable result," he said.

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Important information on gas line safety and maintenance can be found on the Dominion East Ohio website .

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