Lyndhurst man fights to restore his eBay account after a case of mistaken identity

eBay account confused with an account in the UK

LYNDHURST, Ohio - Bob Markell is hoping there will soon be a way to have his eBay privileges restored.

Markell reports his eBay account was suspended indefinitely after a case of mistaken identity.

He explained he was stunned to learn his eBay account was somehow linked with a delinquent account that belongs to a man with a similar name who lives in Lyndhurst - in England.

Markell told 5 On Your Side numerous calls to eBay customer service have failed to get his account reinstated, even though he claims the company admitted it's a case of mistaken identity.

"Everybody said they are going to investigate, but nobody got back to me," said Markell. "They said, 'Now you're going to have to file a formal written appeal.' I filed a formal appeal, I get back a form letter that says you're suspended, you can never use eBay again."

Markell explained his eBay reputation mean the world to him, and he counts on eBay as a primary source of income.

"I have nearly 400 eBay transactions, and a feedback rating of 100 percent," said Markell. "Just because some man in England, with a similar name, owes eBay fees doesn't mean they shouldn't restore my privileges."

5 On Your Side contacted eBay. The company is the process of clearing up the confusion and issued the following statement:

"eBay is committed to providing a fair and safe marketplace for all buyers and sellers. Due to our privacy policy, we cannot provide comment on the specifics of our user accounts. We are working with this individual to provide further guidance about his specific case."

When dealing with customer service representatives over the phone, consumers should always ask for a supervisor if they're not pleased with the results.

Consumers should keep a dated and detailed written call log as they continue to work on their case.

Ask for the name and employee identification number of the customer service representative who is trying to help.

Be prepared to make multiple calls, over multiple days.

Meanwhile, Markell has a message for eBay, as it continues to investigate his case.

"I want my account back, I want to be reinstated," stressed Markell. "I never did anything wrong, I am the wronged party. I want this corrected, I want it corrected fast, and I want an apology."

NewsChannel5 will keep you updated on this developing story.

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