Lorain woman bought used car without a catalytic converter or working odometer

Used car lot was unaware of vehicle's issues

LORAIN, Ohio - Sojnia Mucci is a Lorain mother who needed to find inexpensive transportation to get back and forth work, but the $1,000 car she purchased has brought her nothing but headaches.

Mucci purchased a 1994 Saturn "as is" in February, and later discovered the car didn't have a catalytic converter or a working odometer.

The used car lot reports it was unaware of both issues, but Mucci told NewsChannel5 numerous problems with the car have caused plenty of anguish.

"I'm concerned for my safety, the car is not safe. I've taken it to several mechanics, and they have told me that it is a death trap."

The used car lot responded immediately after learning Mucci's car didn't have a catalytic converter, the shop installed a new converter in a matter of days.

But Mucci claims the vehicle continues to run poorly.

"He sold me the car without a catalytic converter, and then after that once I was aware of that, I took it in and he put a converter on the car," explained Mucci. "But the problem was I was having throttle body problem, and as a repercussion the car would not stay started."

Mucci told NewsChannel5 she's been unable to get the shop to follow up on repairs, and then later she discovered the car's odometer wasn't operating.

"So the odometer does not work. I made him aware of that, but when I look at the title, and I look at the paperwork, you have three different statements on the odometer."

NewsChannel5 contacted the used car lot about the odometer issue, and the company responded immediately.

NewsChannel5 will not name company involved in this case, the company has now agreed to issue Mucci a full refund on the car.

Consumers must give any used car purchased "as is" a full inspection before they buy the vehicle. Take the vehicle on a test drive, and have a qualified independent mechanic put the car on a lift before you buy.

Also look carefully at the contract and all paperwork before you sign any documents. Make sure all odometer readings match.

Consumers can contact the Better Business Bureau, or the Ohio Attorney General's office if they believe they aren't getting the service they deserve.

Mucci admits she should have looked at the car more carefully.

"I know finding a dependable used car for $1,000 is nearly impossible, but I should have done more before buying the car, shame on me," said Mucci. "I do believe that people should take their vehicle to a mechanic and have it inspected before they purchase the vehicle."

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