LaGrange woman's oven door explodes, fought for extended warranty coverage

Victim made numerous calls to customer service

LANGRANGE, Ohio - Vickie Holcomb hasn't been able to use the gas range in her LaGrange Ohio home for the past several weeks: the front glass panel on the oven door suddenly shattered, leaving the appliance unusable.

Holcomb reports she paid more than $200 for an extended warranty of the range, but was given little help from customer service in getting the glass replaced. 

"It just exploded, and glass went everywhere," explained Holcomb. "Glass went halfway down the hallway, it was just unbelievable."

Holcomb was frustrated, but refused to give up after customer service was slow in responding. She made multiple phone calls and took her requests for warranty coverage up the corporate ladder.

"I requested to speak to a supervisor after the gentleman left. Then I called the next day to solutions. They told I couldn't call the corporate office - the only thing you can do is write to them."

Holcomb also put her request in writing via the internet, and kept a detailed call log. She listed the time, date, and specific information discussed in every phone call.

Consumers are encouraged to keep a call log so they can reference prior customer service calls. It's especially helpful when dealing with different customer service representatives on different days.

Always ask for a customer service supervisor if you feel you're not getting the results you deserve.

NewsChannel5 will not name the company involved in this case because it finally honored its extended warranty and replaced the glass on Holcomb's oven door.

Meanwhile, Holcomb's father, Vic Long, issued a warning about the glass doors on ovens, especially when the oven's self-cleaning cycle is in use.

"The way that it blew, it would have been just like shrapnel," said Long. "I have little 3-year-old grandsons. They could have been standing here watching their grandma making cookies, and if that would have let go at that time, heaven knows."


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