How to get extended warranty to cover car repairs

NewsChannel5 Solution Center aquires car coverage

CLEVELAND - Deborah Powers of Cleveland contacted the NewsChannel5 Solutions Center on Feb. 5 hoping she would get help with a warranty company that refused to help cover her costly engine repairs.

Five days later, Powers received the help she was looking for. Her car is back on the road and she avoided more than $1,100 in engine replacement costs.

"I called the solutions center, I was number six on the phone, and within less than four minutes I was number one," explained Powers. "I did get Joe Pagonakis on the phone, and from then on Joe and I became a twosome in working this situation out."

NewsChannel5 worked with Powers' mechanic at the Midas location in University Heights. Manager Kelvin McLemore was able to craft a specific repair plan and resubmit the warranty claim for engine repairs of Powers' 1999 Buick.

Consumers are encouraged to read and understand all coverage guidelines and limitations in the warranty contract, and then work closely with their mechanic in crafting a claim within the warranty parameters.

NewsChannel5 then followed up with a telephone call to Powers' warranty company, and went over the claim step-by-step, speaking with a claims supervisor.

Consumers should always feel free to ask for a warranty claims supervisor if they aren't getting the results they believe they deserve.

One hour later Powers was given the warranty coverage she needed to get her car back on the road, and engine repairs were completed later in the afternoon.

Powers warns motorists to be cautious when considering an extended warranty contract for their older car.

"If people want to take out these extended warranties, then they need to read the fine print, and ask all the questions," said Power. "Avoid buying coverage over the phone, make sure you go over the contract carefully before you sign anything."

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