Hinckley woman obtains Star Trek costume refund

Costume company responded quickly, issued refund

HINCKLEY, Ohio - Vivian Hargett was hoping to take a brand new costume to the world's largest Star Trek Convention, held in Las Vegas on Aug. 9.

However Vivian's Star Trek fantasy fizzled, after the Star Trek command suit she ordered was delivered to her Hinckley home days late, and too small for her to wear.

"It was at least two sizes too small," said Hargett. "I couldn't get it over my rear, and I couldn't zip it up, I couldn't use it at all."

Hargett told NewsChannel5 she bought the Star Trek suit from J Kerezman Costumes, located in Las Vegas, for $262.17.  Hargett said she was forced to spend hundreds more for yet another costume, just so she could have an outfit for the convention.

Hargett quickly contact the company in the search of a refund. The company quickly responded, but Hargett said the owner failed to follow up on his written promise.

"After he sent me the email about refunding my money, I haven't heard from him," said Hargett. "I sent numerous emails, and there's been absolutely no response, and I didn't have a phone number to contact him."

NewsChannel5 placed two calls to the company, and three emails via the company website. J Kerezman Costumes quickly responded and issued a full refund, even before Hargett sent back the oversized costume.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Better Business Bureau Vice President Sue McConnell issued a warning about buying clothes online.

"Consumers need to read carefully," said McConnell. "What are the shipping costs, what is the return policy, can you get a refund?"

McConnell recommended consumers print a copy of what they're ordering and at what price, so they have additional documentation on the transaction.

Consumers should beware of a company that doesn't provide complete contact information, including phones numbers and a full address on its website.

Despite her Star Trek costume experience, Hargett remained enthusiastic about her love for the Star Trek culture.

"It would be incredible to have a future that Star Trek portrays," said Hargett. "Where everybody is equal, nobody worries about money, everybody is educated, and everyone has a meaningful existence."

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