Hard boiled eggs without the shell? We put Eggies to the test

Does It Really Do That?

CLEVELAND - Do you like eating hard boiled eggs, but hate peeling the shell? A product called Eggies promises to take the hard work out of hard boiled eggs.

They cost $9.99, but Does It Really Do That?

"I'm thinking this looks good. An easy way to hard boil eggs," Marie Carroll with Mothers & More said.

Carroll's daughter loves hard boiled eggs, so Carroll was interested in taking the hard work out of hard boiling.

We had a devil of a time figuring out how to put together all the parts and pieces of the Eggies. There were a lot of steps, like using a non-stick spray to coat the inside of the Eggie, but the directions said not to spray it inside the Eggie. You have to use a paper towel to wipe the non-stick spray onto the Eggie.

Carroll was hoping for something a little easier, but we haven't even gotten to the complicated stuff yet.

Getting the egg into the small container was a challenge. It took a few tries, and we still had more egg on the counter than in the Eggie.

Cooking them was a lot easier, but seemed to take longer than traditional hard boiled eggs. You don't add Eggies to a pot of boiling water. You let them float, and then wait.

The prep work was time consuming, but how did the Eggies taste? The kids weigh in tonight on Live on 5 on NewsChannel5.

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Does it really do that?