Grafton woman issues a warning when buying used appliances

Don't buy without a full test at the shop

GRAFTON, Ohio - Kari Dove Deal of Grafton thought she found a great deal on a used dryer, but her joy quickly turned into frustration when she got home and discovered her new buy was no bargain at all.

The dryer wasn't working and now she's been waiting five months for a refund.

It was an adventure that started with high hopes this past November.

"I was so happy that we found this dryer on Craigslist. It was the price that we could spend on it, and it was supposed to work really good for our family," explained Deal.

The used electric dryer was only $100, and came complete with a 30-day warranty.

However, when she plugged in the unit and found it wasn't working, Deal was left scrambling.

"It was terrible. It was terrible. We have three children, so a day without a dryer is just horrible," said Deal.

"We did take a look at the dryer, we weren't able to to hook it up when we saw it, because the business owner said they were in between buildings. But we did get the written warranty, we did speak with her several times when it did break. Everything was very positive in the beginning."

But Deal reports the owner of the used appliance shop never came through, and weeks later stopped taking her calls.

It was only months later that Deal discovered other Craigslist customers were having the same problem with her used appliance seller.

"So I did have other people that contacted me and say 'we bought a refrigerator and the same thing happened, she won't call us back. Or, 'we bought a washing machine, and it doesn't work, she won't return our phone calls,'" explained Deal.

NewsChannel5 contacted the seller and she apologized and quickly agreed to give Deal a full refund.

Consumers should always check to see if a used appliance is working at the shop or the owner's home before making a buy.

If a seller gives excuses as to why a full test at the scene can't be conducted, then that's a red flag.

It's always a good idea to get a written warranty, and check a seller's references before opening your wallet.

Deal made it clear she'll never buy an untested used appliance again.

"But definitely, if you don't see it working, don't buy it," said Deal. "Don't spend the money on it, or at least wait until you can see it working."

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